From simple message transmission to professional
chat, you can protect your privacy
and focus more on your work.
  [ ]chatting
Communicate easily with your company employees!

With the least click!

Easy and fast access to in-office chat
Send chat immediately by tapping the Send Chat icon
When receiving, click the notification in the bottom right
to check the incoming message immediately


Search for chat content!

Search for all matching words
Conveniently search for messages, images,
files, etc. in the chat room

With images and file attachments,
it's easier.

Communicate with prompt messages instead of mail
Image · Forward attachments as a message
Display file names, extensions, and capacity
Quick view of images and attachments


Answer function and menu

Answer function allows you to reply to the chat you want
Check out who read it
Communication Delivery and Downloading Conversations


Read status check in real time!

Check the status of a person's message reading
Figured as number disappearing
Message cancellation is possible before the recipient reads

We provide various functions for efficient communication.
Confirm immediately after receiving a message
The notification rings as soon as you receive a message.
Messages received can be checked immediately in the chat
window without any refresh.

You can send a group chat!
Supports group chat to select multiple people from an organization
chart and send messages.