Security & Settings
Provides robust and reliable security, including
tight security in the cloud center, redundant logins,
connection management and security settings.
  [ ] Fit to work
Set the most convenient and comfortable conditions for maximum efficiency.

THE GWARE offers a variety of
settings for user convenience, from
administrator-specified transcription
settings to personalized settings.


Create and manage menus.

Set menu name, order, usage, etc.
Access control and permission control
Multilingual menu support
Manage unlimited generation of message boards, etc.
Set up a variety of user experiences
Change menu components
Allow duplicate logins
Groupware Screen Color, Skin management
Main Screen Mode
  [ ]Security
Protect and securely manage your valuable data.

Provides complete protection
against intrusion and attack.

Firewall for intrusion prevention, providing spam filtering
Real-time monitoring of server viruses
Managing and monitoring key service engines


Secure your access and password.

Password and key settings encryption
Password rule settings, expiring
Provide OTP(One time password)


Records access and usage logs

Login Access Log (PC, Mobile)
Message logs such as sending and receiving mail, POP3, etc
Posts, DBs, file lookup, usage logs


Control access and permissions

to sites and menus.

Login access IP control, setting limits
Restrict duplicate logins
Setting a user's security rating
Manage access rights for each menu