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Company D which secures
thoroughly with approved e-mail
Company P, whose working hours have been reduced by the scrap function Company C, which uses efficient personnel management through absenteeism management function
Communication between employees has changed easily and quickly with in-house messengers anywhere on PC or mobile. In addition, the approval mail function has made it more secure for mail sent outside by distinguishing mail that needs to be reviewed by approvers. Through this, the mistake of sending mail is eliminated and internal information leakage can be prevented in advance. After the introduction of THE GWARE, they managed all tasks on a schedule by scraping tasks and issues received through mail, message boards, and collaborative project functions. They say that it has become very convenient because they have changed to a working environment where each department or group shares their schedules separately and makes plans.
Since most executives and employees have never encountered commuting management solutions, the biggest advantage was that they could easily and conveniently record commuting. In addition, these days when working from home has increased, it was good to manage commuting on mobile even outside of the office, and it has become possible to manage working hours such as flexible work.
Welfare Center B which made advanced welfare administration achievements with THE GWARE Company K used by 10,000 users in the service sector Company C used by 500 users in Korea and China
Since the introduction of THE GWARE, access has become possible anytime, anywhere through the Internet. Business reporting, sharing, delivery, notification, and suggestions are efficient and rapid. Therefore, business innovation has become possible due to improved work productivity and increased work efficiency. Even with 9,800 simultaneous connections, we were able to make sure that the server was available as usual without being down or slowed down. It means that it can be used safely for a long time even with a lot of user usage and 24 hours operation.
Since the introduction of THE GWARE, Company C has been able to share information such as production and inventory through real-time mobile apps and upload it to business reports immediately. It's easy and fast to approve, and anytime, anywhere, free document sharing can speed up our work.