Custom Groupware Collaboration Solution

Personalization settings for the placement and lookup list of the screen
Provides notifications and counts of key tasks
Mobile compatible with all PC browsers and dedicated APP support
Check out THE GWARE's representative functions.
Respectful and transparent process decision making
Responsible approval and quick progress
Use a unique domain
Enterprise-specific mail that respects the weight and value
of a single mail
Introduction of 52-hour workweek and support for flexible work
Annual leave management and approval linkage
Electronic document management for centralization and security
Archive by Document Box and Classification System
Schedule, ToDo
Manage personal, to-do, and shared schedules
Resource management and reservation, such as
meeting rooms, vehicles, etc
  Project & Business tools
Manage participants and progress through projects
Various work tools such as message board, calendar,
survey, resource management, etc
Leave a chat within your browser
Communicate easily with your company employees
Highest level of security for the enterprise
Provides system security and user security such as OTP
and duplicate logins
he advantage of "THE GWARE"
22 years of know-how on 2,000 sites
It is a groupware company with up to 10,000 people and has various experience in building global
headquarters-branches. Designed to fit across industries, THE GWARE is ideal for any organization, from
start-ups to large enterprises. Introduce the most similar customer experience without failure with 1:1
custom consultation from the consultant.
Highest level of security and reliability
Provides strong security through encryption, access restrictions, permission settings, log management,
and menu management, and manages access authorization and denial IP from outside.
In addition, you can set a password for each account when logging in, and you can set a total of 7
security ratings for each user.
Customized technical support via mail, phone
You can consult at any time for difficulties and inconveniences in use. The call center is in operation
during business hours, and quick and accurate technical support is possible through 24-hour e-mail reception.
Maintain a more stable system with periodic updates.
All in One System
It supports the same tasks for any environment and device, such as PC, mobile, etc. THE GWARE is a unified,
unified communications smart work tool to bring smart offices to life. All functions can be used on any
device with the same function and the same interface so that it can be checked and written directly from
the outside to the cell phone.
Task Customization
THE GWARE can be set up on its own according to the size of the organization, the type of work, etc.
You can set up combinations that suit your environment, such as the configuration of message boards,
distribution of permissions, and type of forms. Personal preferences can also be set to suit your hands.