Combined with digital devices,
E-approval has become the fastest
and most efficient decision-making tool.

E-approval is required if you have
the following checkpoints in mind.

How should we manage our confidentiality and security?
Can the decision-making process or records be viewed transparently?
Is it possible to clearly give responsibility for the review and approval of the work?
How do we control interdepartmental divisions and disputes?

This is the reason why electronic
payment is essential beyond communication.

Transparent and fast processes and records
Security and history management through document centralization
a responsible decision on one's signature
Balancing departments through public documentation
Save your organization's resources with E-approval.
Real-time approval process
Intuitive and powerful functions, digital information
management for sustainable growth!
Experience the decision-making know-how used in 1,200 different industries in 8 countries over the past 22 years.
Various ERP connections

Corporate card unproven expenditure linkage

Commuting Device Interworking

More functions with know-how of sustainable growth
Support for public E-approval and document distribution
Provides electronic document distribution standards of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security and
standard web hangul drafting for the government and public institutions of the Republic of Korea.

Provide Hancom's HTML5 Standard
Web Hangul Drafts

Non-ActiveX Hangeul draft
Support for existing forms such as HWP formatting and pasting
E-approval and document distribution linkage through standard API linkage
Form production for each organization and company
Support for options such as sending internally and externally, adding items, etc.
Support the appropriate processes for each organization's public document regulations

Sending and receiving through the electronic
document distribution system of the Ministry
of Public Administration and Security

Opening of electronic document distribution system through institutional registration
Provide official document transmission/reception, dispatch box, and approval box
Provide destination management and agency search
Automatic document conversion and transmission of approval documents
Support for viewing and managing received official documents
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THE GWARE THE GWARE's E-approval system is easy to deploy with "E-approval package".