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Collaboration & Work Tools
Ensure continuous and efficient work anytime,
anywhere using various work tools such as projects,
message boards, surveys, and calendars.
  [ ]Collaboration for projects
From the beginning to the end of the project, at a glance,
Collaborate with many projects at once.

Create projects simply and quickly.

Create quickly with one click
Set the identity of the project by specifying a color
Unlimited offers from one-person projects to participant selections

Manage your work situation at a glance.

Manage progress and schedule for each task
View and retrieve the entire task at once
Create and manage unlimited business menus
More collaboration tools
  [ ] a business communication board
Check out the work-communication message board with
various forms and permission settings.

This is the starting point for a lot of information sharing and business communication.

Create Unlimited Message Board and Set Permissions
Available in a variety of forms that fit your purpose
Optimized for business-friendliness and know-how management


We offer THE GWARE's special board.

Mail Sync Board

Automatically post mail to the board
Easy processing, history, and communication of public mail


Post Control and Approval Board

Register after board manager's approval
Set access per board and post
Setting the expiration date of a post

Special purpose boards for
different tasks

Anonymous message board with unknown author
1:1 board to keep the person in charge and the author confidential
Album board for photo and image management


Notification-only boards in the role
of electronic display

Display notifications like an electronic display at the bottom of your browser
Set publishing period and what to look up
More functions with know-how of sustainable growth
  [ ]Calendar
Easily and intelligently manage from personal to shared schedules

Manage your schedule conveniently
through classification management
and sharing.

Manage individual classification schedules
Setting permissions for shared schedules
To Do and Project Schedule Integrated Inquiry
  [ ] Reservations and Resource Management
Integrated management of room reservations, vehicle use, and internal resources.

Book a meeting room and fill
out a vehicle log.

Resource management and reservation and record management
Approval functionality for reservation
Provide reservations and usage tables
  [ ]Survey Live Poll
The results are analyzed and identified through participation and suggestions.

Easy and fast survey registration,
Intuitive and accurate results

a simple and easy way
Register a survey with multiple effective functions
Brief Participants' opinions and suggestions!

Quickly gather opinions on issues
by majority vote.

Opinions through single choice, multiple choice, and comments
Real name vote / anonymous vote
Vote to select who will participate

Various functions are provided to collect opinions effectively.
Choice for conducting a purposeful survey
By supporting registered, anonymous voting, disclosure
of results, and non-disclosure settings,
you can select a questionnaire method that suits the situation
Increase security through survey participant designation
Sensitive topic surveys can be conducted by designating participants.
  [ ] To Do & Memo
Manage your work and take important notes.

Record and manage what to do
easily in conjunction with other menus.

Write down what to do in other menus, such as mail, message board, etc
Manage today's schedules, timeframes, and progress
Specify various categories
  [ ]etc
Favorites / Integrated search / Pop-up window announcement / Mobile phone short message SMS, MMS, etc.

[ ] Favorites

Connect frequently used menus or important documents right away.

Keep your favorites on a new browser or even on a temporary PC
Bookmark directly from internal documents
Unlimited Bookmark support with folder settings

[ ] Integrated Search

Search the document for
the entire menu.

Search for details throughout the publication
Provide AND and OR search criteria and body search


[ ] Pop-up window announcement

A pop-up window notifies you
of key announcements.

Set the contents, size, and duration of the pop-up window to be announced
Specify the type of pop-up and select a person to be notified
When you log in, the main notifies you as a pop-up notice

[ ] Mobile Phone Short Message SMM/MMS

You can use the address bar to send
a short message to your cell phone.

Send SMS in conjunction with the address bar
Support for transferring reservations
Provide individual transfer restrictions and status