More secure management is possible with electronic
documents such as document update version
, access control and usage history,
and automatic transfer of approval documents
  [ ]Electronic Document Management EDMS
There is a rise and fall of a company in one document.
Manages the creation, security, and extinction of documents.

Why do we need EDSM?

Systematically archive all corporate-generated documents by classification
Use access control to control inquiry and management
Archive updated and old documents and manage versions
Centralize external documents such as E-approval and contracts for quick business reference

Electronic documents are easier to manage than paper documents.

Manages the cycle of a document.

Manage documents from creation to disposal in THE GWARE
Set retention period to automatically discard after expiration
Convenient storage and quick search


Archive and manage various
generated documents.

Create an Unlimited Mailboxes
Classifying documents
Managing versions through check-in and check-out
Access control and history management

Support for automatic document administration of approval documents

Smarter Document Management

Transfer documents from multiple paths to manage them at once
Register comments and send notification mail
DHTML Editor support for easy document editing

More functions with know-how of sustainable growth
  [ ] File Management / Web Folder
Keep your files like drives on the web and work
conveniently with each function.
Please check it with a quick look-up
without downloading it.

Provides fast lookup capabilities in file boxes
Check files right away without downloading
Give the file liquidity .

Save file to groupware
Provides sharing and security maintenance for files
Attach files from the web anytime, anywhere when
creating a document
Frequently used files, important files!
Use it in the file box without uploading.

1:1 linked file management with folders on the server
Private, share box provided
Select and save in conjunction with attachments
Access control and history management of shared boxes