E-Mail should be different from
personal mail. We provide the most
suitable mail service for work.

Is our company getting a proper
mail service?

Is it distinguished between internal mail, external mail, and important mail
Is it inconvenient to manage representative mail and public mail
Is it possible to process mail that requires control
Does the transmission/reception link with the external system work well

THE GWARE's corporate mail is "work oriented"

Mail service that ensures reliable
operation and tight security

Easy to install, transfer, and reinstall based on Windows.net
Integration and scalability with DB-based account management
24x7 reliable operation with self-monitoring
Easy-to-analyze transmission and reception log logging
Support for a variety of mail client devices


Development of a proprietary technology
engine for corporate mail

Easy Windows-based interface
Load balancing by transmitting/receiving engine isolation
Equipped with stabilization monitoring server
Managing DB Direct Interworking for Accounts
Options optimized for HW and network
Good security and access control
We always use mail! So what's special about corporate mail?
Convenient sharing of representative mail and public mail eliminates work gaps
When forwarding mail using accounts from multiple contacts
Risk of missing work due to uncertain person in charge
Business continuity and history management are difficult
Risk of losing mail
When adding an automatic posting function to the message board
Incoming mail is automatically saved to message board
Use comments to specify and notify people
Communicate with comments and replies about processing and reply
No risk of loss and history is managed
Increase work efficiency by separating internal, external, and important mails

Send approval of mail that
requires control

Specify who to control and who to approve mail
Provide control by condition (by recipient, presence of attachment, capacity, etc.)
Specify who agrees with approver
Designate exceptions such as executives
Register blacklists and whitelists

Whatever you use, all incoming
and outgoing mail is here

Supports a wide range of mail clients, including web, mobile, and Outlook
Save Sent Mail to Send Box No matter where it is sent
Provide mail API for sending mainstay system

Send and receive mail automatically Provide archive (backup)

Copy all outgoing or incoming mail to a separate account
Support for separate replication to external servers
Non-exceptional, flawless backups with network processing by mail engines
Respect the value of a single mail!
We provide reliable service
Record detailed transmission/reception logs and analyze
1:1 when a problem occurs to find the cause.
Provides delayed transmission so that mail sent by
mistake can be cleaned up.
Insert an enterprise-wide security statement at the
bottom of the mail to provide legal protection.
More features make work easier.
Contact us now to see the growth know-how of companies.
THE GWARE's E-approval system is easy to deploy with "Corporate mail package".